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About FIT

What’s the difference between our Non-Profit and the other Non-Profit Companies??

The FIT Foundation is dedicated in providing support to physically challenged individuals and those missing limbs by giving them the opportunity of getting around more independently and enjoying a life of freedom.

We are a nonprofit in which “The Motion Transfer Mechanism” is donated by ARC287BC. This mechanism is incorporated in recreational vehicles like bicycles, canoes, paddleboats, wheelchairs, etc.

In the beginning of this journey, F.I.T. foundation will build the products mentioned above. In the future, ARC287BC will donate the above products to F.I.T. for the disabled. These products will be placed in recreational areas, parks, lakes all around the world.

Just like any other nonprofit, we do seek an initial startup fund to get our feet off the ground. But we will not rely on anymore donations or government funds once we place our vehicles in these recreational areas. The difference between our nonprofit and all other Nonprofits is that we will not ask the public for any other donations.

We will not charge any fees for the physically challenged individuals using our products. However, the general public who are not disabled can still use our products and the proceeds will be distributed back into our Non-Profit Foundation to replenish the products and we will donate to other Non-Profits in need.

About FIT Foundation

Founded in 2012, FIT Foundation for the Disabled puts innovation to work for the people who need it most. We believe that just because you’re physically challenged doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence. Thanks to our revolutionary, human-powered vehicles, everyone can get out of the house and enjoy life to the fullest. The main difference between our foundation and others is that our foundation will place our products in recreational areas. The FIT will be sufficient and eventually not need the support of any donors. Our goal is to generate income in excess of expenses and give back to other non-profits that have a similar vision as ours.

We’re proud to have a team of talented, hardworking, innovative people, including:

  • Wilson X. Bezerra – CEO & inventor
  • Silvana A. Bezerra – CFO & inventor
  • Gabe Nagy – Engineer & inventor
  • Jessica Rodriguez – Secretary
  • Abir Yarce – Project manager
  • Krystle Gonzalez – Administrative assistant
  • John X. Bezerra – Veteran and Purple Heart recipient

Offering more than 75 years of combined experience, FIT Foundation for the Disabled has been inspired to serve those who serve us. We have roots deep in mechanical engineering and a can-do attitude to match our inventiveness. Based out of New Jersey, we’ve spent years perfecting our designs and fundraising to support our mission. Now, we’re proud to offer multiple vehicles that are safe and useful to all. Learn more and get involved today!