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The Fit Foundation for the Disabled transforms human-powered vehicles into opportunities for everyone. Our heart is for the people stuck inside their homes, unable to get themselves places or just go for a refreshing bike ride because the usual gear doesn’t work for them. Thanks to the ARC system, we modify human-powered vehicles of all types, making it possible for anyone to enjoy them. Dive in and learn more.



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We’re a dynamic, hardworking team based out of New Jersey, but our vision goes way beyond our state. Having invented and patented a self-propulsion system that’s easy and safe to use, no matter what physical limitation you face, we’re on a mission to distribute it across the country because we know people everywhere need it. Learn how we can transform your community and empower everyone to get out of the house. We look forward to partnering with you.


Partnered with like-minded organizations, we’re on a mission to donate our radical bikes to local parks and companies who work hard to solve mobility issues. In short, the ARC is an incredible improvement on bikes that are not just accident-prone but inaccessible to those with physical issues. Safe, painstakingly perfected, and ready to go, these are the man-powered vehicles of the future. Learn more about the ARC and get involved with us today.


Standing on decades of painstaking design and test work, the ARC pedal system simplifies and protects the self-propulsion mechanisms we all know from bikes, paddle boats, and beyond. Its superior construction makes it safer and easier to use than any other option on the market. The Fit Foundation for the Disabled has the massive privilege of bringing this incredible system to those who need it most — and all for free. This is a movement you need to join!

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Founded in 2012, FIT Foundation for the Disabled puts innovation to work for the people who need it most. We believe that just because you’re physically challenged doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence. More importantly, we believe that solutions to keep you moving shouldn’t cost you anything. Thanks to our revolutionary, human-powered vehicles, everyone can get out of the house and enjoy life to the fullest.