About 56.7 million people in the U. S. have a disability. More than half (about 30.6 million) have mobility problems. Some have difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Others use a wheelchair, cane, crutches or walker to get around. Continue reading

New Mobility Technology for Physically Disabled Children

Physically Disabled children who have arthrogryposis, muscular dystrophy or other conditions that steal their freedom of mobility. Countless reasons account for more than 30 million physically disabled people in the U.S. Meet Gavin, Gavin has a physically debilitating disease called arthrogryposis.

Witness Gavin’s first ride on his customized, recumbent tricycle. Please donate so more disabled children can ride. Continue reading

technology-for-disabledExecutive Summary — Bezerra Report

The purpose of this experiment is to compare the advantages of the stepper bike in terms of power and torque to a conventional bike. To offer a proper comparison, the time frame, applied force and pedal rate are equal in each case. Each design concept is modeled in SolidWorks and analyzed using COSMOS Motion. Continue reading