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Donate to The F.I.T. Foundation - Charity to Help Physically Disabled

We are focused on one goal: developing and supplying BezErra Stepper vehicles to help improve the lives of as many people with mobility problems as possible. Your involvement is critical in helping us reach this goal. Whether you want to donate money,donate items that can help us raise money or volunteer your time, there are countless ways to help. Here are just a few suggestions:

Donate Money

Make a one-time or monthly donation to The F.I.T. Foundation

Corporate Matching Program

Wish you could give more? Maybe the company you work for can help. One of the smartest ways for people to donate more is through the corporate matching programs where they work. Some companies will give 50 cents for every dollar you contribute. Others will match what you donate dollar for dollar. Either way, your contribution gets the ball rolling.

SO . . . Check with your company’s Human Resources office to see if they offer gift matching. If they don’t, ask them to start one.

To get us on the list of your company’s authorized charities, ask your Human Resources office to contact us:

Phone: 973-595-7775

Fax: 1-866-522-1251

E-mail: E-mail:
Mail: FIT Foundation / 232 Union Blvd. / Totowa, NJ 07512

And thank you so very much for thinking of us!

In Lieu of Gift

Many people prefer to make (and receive) charitable donations instead of giving a birthday, wedding, holiday or special occasion gift. For funerals, some ask that donations be made instead of sending flowers because it memorializes a loved one. Whatever the occasion or reason, a donation to the FIT Foundation will honor that special person while helping to improve the lives of people with mobility-related disabilities. An elegant card will be sent to the individual or family you designate so that your generous donation is acknowledged.

Donate Scrap Metal

Scrap metal comes in a lot of different forms. But whatever the form, the FIT Foundation can use all of it to improve the lives of disabled children, disabled veterans and . . . . well, basically anyone with a disability that makes it hard for them to get around.

We’d like to get more disabled kids on customized bicycles and tricycles and your scrap metal can help. So I’d like to ask you a few questions. Do you live in New Jersey? Does this list remind you of something hanging around in the corners of your house, garage, attic, basement or back yard, waiting for you to take it to the recycling center or a metal recycling company?

Donate pieces of scrap metal
Inch-long pieces of copper pipe from a kitchen remodel
Some aluminum cans or maybe some “tin” cans
A couple of bent and burnt aluminum pots or pans
An old tire rim
Some wire coat hangers
A few orphan screws
Faucet knobs
Old Appliances, large and small

Maybe you just bought a new washer, dryer, refrigerator or air conditioner and are not sure about what to do with the old one. What about that old desktop, laptop or TV? Got a metal swing set? How about a metal shed that you don’t want anymore?

OR . . . . as we collectively hold our breaths, hoping for the big score . . . . maybe you have a car you don’t need or want anymore. It doesn’t even have to run.

Obviously, the list of items that we can use to raise money for people with mobility impairments goes on and on.

Rent a pickup truck or van — about $20
Insurance for rented vehicle — about $30
Mileage (assuming 25 miles round trip at $0.99 per mile) — about $25
Estimated fuel cost — $10
That’s an estimated $85 just to move your clutter somewhere you don’t have to look at it.

Or maybe you’ve already moved the clutter into a storage unit . . . . where you’re paying $65 or $150 or whatever per month to store all those odds and ends. . . . .

Whether you have a lot or a little, you can do something that’s good for your garage, your conscience and your pocketbook by donating it to the FIT Foundation. And when you’ve done that –

You feel a warm glow, knowing that you have – Helped the environment
Done your part to help physically disabled people become healthier, happier and more independent

Suddenly –
The car fits in your garage.
You don’t have the monthly expense of a storage unit — AND
You earned a tax deduction.

So whatever you’re cleaning out, whatever you’re getting rid of . . . . Think of the FIT Foundation.

If you live in New Jersey, please call at 973-277-1526 or E-mail: and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.