This is the story of a courageous young boy named Gavin Ryan. Gavin is 8 years old, and has suffered his whole life from a rare and physically debilitating disease called arthrogryposis . . . much like muscular dystrophy. . . . For many of us, mobility on a bicycle or tricycle is a rite of childhood passage. For Gavin, it simply wasn’t an option…     UNTIL NOW… 

Witness Gavin’s First Ride on His Customized, Recumbent Tricycle!

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Fit Foundation’s crown jewel is its motion-transfer technology which was donated to help those who need it the most- those that are mobility challenged, obese, or physically disabled. The Fit Foundation’s Stepper recumbent bicycle may at long last bring cycling into the new millennium, and its anticipated future application to several other modes of transportation (tricycle, wheelchair, paddle boat.) only increases the excitement surrounding this advancement in human-powered mobility devices for those individuals that were never able to ride the conventional system before. If you know anyone who needs our system please give us a call. We need to know of anyone who may want to use our free mobility vehicles.

Our Misson:

To help people with mobility impairments to get the exercise they need to maximize their physical, emotional and social health by supplying them with a free Bezerra Stepper vehicle. 

We Need Your Help

Necessary mobility equipment like this is not available under insurance plans for the physically disabled. Our goal is to make and provide a custom Stepper Vehicle, such as tricycles, bicycles, wheelchairs and paddle boats, to every physically disabled child, veteran or adult who needs one.

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We Need Your Help

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Compared to conventional bike: With mearly 300% more leverage, 48% more of your effort is applied to moving a bicycle forward. Each pedal stroke takes the rider 138% further. 

Imagine what this means to someone with a knee injury or who had only had one leg.

More than 30 million physically disabled people in the U.S. have limited mobility and are unable to exercise.

Exercise helps improve physical wellness and mental health.

 YES! I Want to Help OR Call 1-973-277-1526 E-mail:

OR Send Gift to: F.I.T. Foundation, 232 Union Boulevard, Totowa, NJ 07512


wheelchair for physically disabled

water bike for mobility impaired people

stepper bike for people with limited mobility

paddle boat for mobility challenged people

tricycle for physical handicap

Your Donation Helps: disabled people, disabled children, disabled veterans, people with limited mobility, physically disabled, children with disabilities, people with physical disabilities, people who are physically impaired, people with disabling diseases such as arthrogryposis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, angelmans syndrome, fibromyalgia, accident injuries and other physical impairments.

Charitable Donations Help Pay For: motorized equipment, handicap assistive devices, assistive technology, mobility equipment, mobility devices, disability equipment, exercise equipment for disabled, disability equipment, manufacturing of mobility devices, distribution of our mobility devices to anyone who needs and can benefit from them.

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