BezErra Stepper Vehicles

The BezErra Stepper is a Swiss Army knife of an invention with application to many human-powered vehicles (like wheelchairs, tricycles, recumbent tricycles, and so on). For now, we will be providing recumbent tricycles to as many mobility-impaired people as we can.

A few years ago the only BezErra Stepper Vehicle available was a bicycle. These two articles compare the BezErra Stepper Bicycle with a conventional bicycle.

BezErra Stepper Bicycle — How It Works: Article features a video of Wilson X. Bezerra demonstrating the differences between a BezErra Stepper Bicycle and a conventional bicycle. Most of this is in layman’s terms.

BezErra Stepper Bicycle — Independent Lab Report: Sigma Design’s final report on the comparison testing it did of a conventional bicycle against a BezErra Stepper Bicycle. This is a highly technical piece.

Mr. Bezerra also has designs for other human-powered vehicles.